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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the machine made from?
The frame is made of ABS with added Biocote, an ultra strong material the same as car bumpers. The metal parts are aircraft quality aluminium which has been black anodised.

What kind of motor does it have?
The X17 and the AIR features a Swiss Maxon 4.5w motor. The DCX has a Swiss Maxon 10w motor.

What kind of bearings do you use?
Only the highest quality bearings from Japan.

Is it autoclavable?

How do I oil the machine?
Please refer to the user guide for full instructions (Sabre Machine User Guide).

How often should you oil your machine?
It is recommended to re-apply a small amount of Sabre Lube for every 100 hours of use

What is the working voltage?
Depending on the application, X17 and AIR normal working voltage is around 8-12v. DCX normal working voltage is around 6-8v.

What does the settings 1 to 10 mean?
This is to adjust the hit for your machine, 1 is the softest hit going to 10 which is the hardest.

Can the X17, AIR or DCX be used with cartridges?
There are many brands of cartridges on the market and some such as Cheyenne have a strong return mechanism, this can put unnecessary strain on the motor and void your warranty.
The original Sabre cartridges have the least resistance and work well with the X17 and AIR. The New DCX is more powerful and will push any brand cartridge with ease, with exception of the Cheyenne brand.

Where is the machine made?
The Sabre Machine is designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.

What warranty is on the machine?
There is a 12 months warranty on the motor and parts. Please remember to register your machine on this website.

The machine has started to rattle and is noisier than before what should I do?
Please refer to user guide for full instructions on how to oil you machine Sabre Machine User Guide).

What do I do if the machines sticks between different hit adjustments
Slightly adjust the hit adjuster back (towards the next lowest number) and the machine will begin to run freely.

How do I keep my machine clean?
The frame is made from wipe clean ABS, so just lightly clean as any other machine with a recommended cleaner such as alcohol swabs.